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SORENTO – With over 270 SUVs marketed and sold in the U.S., we needed a fresh slant to entice our younger millennial car buyers. Our lives are all about social currency built off the back of experiences. The idea was simple, what if we sold Sorento as a machine that helps you seek and capture shareable stories? Since the launch of the Sorento, Kia has not been able to keep up with demand.

As a teaser for the campaign, we created a first. We teamed up with the drone team from Beverly Hills Aerial to pull off a never-before-done, single-take drone shot. In it, our drone chased the Sorento up a mountain pass, then flew inside the moving vehicle, took a look around and then flew back out the other window. No hidden cuts, no CGI, no stitches.

NIRO –  The joy of a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. A tale of a very odd couple on an odyssey.

The new Niro Hybrid does 588 miles per tank, so it's pretty incredible for the planet. One driver gives a poor sapling a second chance.


NIRO & FAR – Snapchat AR Lens technology took the new Niro Hybrid to the far reaches of the country thanks to its amazing MPG. 

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