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Raiders running back, Josh Jacobs, was the focus of Kia’s 2020 Super Bowl campaign. His story is nothing short of inspirational. He grew up homeless on the streets of Tulsa, living with his Dad in the family car. Professional football was a pipe dream. But, he was eventually snapped up by the Raiders, and later named Rookie of the Year. The campaign shed light on the wider epidemic of youth homelessness across the US and we raised over $1 million for homelessness causes. I wrote and co-directed a documentary telling the untold story of our star that supported the main Super Bowl spot; we embedded ourselves in the local community, with Josh's family, his father, and Josh himself. It was later shortlisted at The One Show in the Longform Branded Entertainment category.

“Here’s To The Great Unknowns” was the heartbeat of our 2019 Super Bowl campaign. We celebrated the hardworking, relentless spirit of the people who build the Kia Telluride; the very same spirit that lives in our drivers.


Below: Kia Super Bowl commercial which I helped lead the creation of, as GCD. Shot by John Hillcoat. 


The campaign included a long-form documentary that I wrote and co-directed. It uncovered the story behind the town at the center of the spot – West Point, GA, home of Kia’s US plant.


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