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STAR WARS DAY – A 6-second-runtime forces a certain purity of thought. I did this quick and dirty Social post on Star Wars Day ('May the 4th Be With You') from existing footage we had shot. It ended up being the most successful social media post in Ford Mustang's history with 13,000 Likes, 7,000 Shares and over 350,000 organic views on Facebook on just that one day. Plus 250 Retweets and 300 likes on Twitter. It was also one of the best performing pieces of content of any brand on that day.

TIMES SQUARE NYE INTERACTIVE UGC BILLBOARD – We took over Times Square on New Year's Eve 2022-2023 with a social activation/digital interactive outdoor campaign. In real-time, we put partygoers' UGC video submissions up on the most famous billboard in the world on the biggest night of the year. 


NIRO & FAR – Snapchat AR Lens technology took the new Niro Hybrid to the far reaches of the country, thanks to its amazing MPG. 

6-SEC TECH – To help make car technologies appeal to a young, social media-savvy audience we decided to use only 6 seconds. We worked with social influencer/filmmaker, Zach King, and influencers from France, Spain, and the U.K., and it scored over 25 million views, tons of positive audience comments, and top ratings by Twitter Ads UK and Unruly.

LIES I TELL MY KIDS – Social Media campaign to help launch the Ford C-MAX minivan which invited parents to submit the 'white lies' they tell their kids to make them do what they want – via the hashtag #liesitellmykids. We shot some of the best ones. A funny way of showing how kids interpret the world and its rules. This kick-off film got over 6 million views across the web in Europe.
The social media campaign was shortlisted for The Drum Social Buzz Awards.
CW/AD Alex Bower, Yonca Yilmaz

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