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For Super Bowl, 2020, I wrote and co-directed this long-form documentary that premiered alongside the spot. We partnered with Oakland Raiders rookie running back Josh Jacobs - raised on the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma by his father, they often slept in his car. It was shortlisted at The One Show in the Longform Branded Entertainment category.

In this 70-second online and national TV spot, which I co-directed, fashion designer Brandon Maxwell (head designer of the Brandon Maxwell label; designer and stylist for Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama) returns to the small town of Marfa, Texas, the place that inspired his last fashion collection. This time, he joins forces with Kia to give something back to the community, endowing the local school with a much-needed grant. We shot this on location, using only local residents and non-actors. A 30-sec version ran on national broadcast.

The 4A’s - The Conscious Creative Movement

The 4A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies) is one of the most prestigious organizations in advertising. We were tasked with relaunching it. Introducing the Conscious Creative Movement: a celebration of the power of creativity with purpose, and those who use their talents to make positive change in their world. 

As part of the launch of this movement, I co-wrote/directed some films that would live on their new portal. Robert Vargas is a world-renowned artist/muralist, Kirk Souder is a CEO and thought-leader in advertising, and Simon Mainwaring is an author and agency founder.


Below are two films from the Kia EV6 Times Square New Year's Eve 2021-2022 pre-launch project I conceived and then co-directed. I pitched using technology in a new way. To achieve some of the shots we used a VFX gimbal rig normally employed in action movies for green screen work. Instead, we took the gimbal out to the Mojave Desert and put Kia's new EV6 on it, and then moved it in new ways, creating something beautiful and balletic. The giant video boards came in all shapes and sizes, here are two that work better on a website like this.

I wrote and also co-directed this documentary series which acted as a companion to the Kia 2019 Super Bowl spot. 


Just a Small Georgia Town uncovers the story of West Point, GA, a small town that rose from the ashes of a collapsed textile industry, relying on only its courage to see it through to the other side, before finally finding new life when Kia opened its plant there nearly 10 years ago.


West Point Stories is a series of documentary profiles that go in-depth with some of the people who make this small town what it is.


I co-directed these spots for the Kia Sorento. They highlight how a seemingly ordinary SUV like this has surprising off-road capability, meaning you can take on any mountain, literal or metaphorical.

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