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Campaign for off-beat UK snack brand Nik Naks. Culture guru Peter York, writing in The Independent newspaper, described our Alien spoof as 'a masterpiece of copywriting and a glorious combination of chemicals, gash horror movies... and inspired disco retro,’ and it was named Ad of the Year by famed creative, Al Young (CCO FCB/Inferno) in Marketing magazine.

We followed it up with an affectionate, yet twisted, retelling of David Lynch's masterpiece, The Elephant Man, which was recognized at The One Show and Epica. We recreated the sequence in exact detail – we even sourced the original prop mask used in the movie. 


(It was only later that we realized we'd created the John Hurt campaign).

Make-up commercial with an unexpected angle. Directed by Tom Carty (creator of Guinness Surfers, among others).

UK cellphone commercial for Vodafone and their Business offering.

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